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Healing And Protecting Your Tattoos And Skin
Natural and organic 100% USDA certified tattoo care product line
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Healing And Protecting Your Tattoos And Skin
Natural and organic 100% USDA certified tattoo care product line
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Specially Designed for Dry Skin


For All Types of Skin

Everything You Need For a New Tattoo Aftercare


Moisturizes Your Client’s Skin and Protect it from Scaling

Gentle Hyaluronic Acid Cleanser for After Tattoo Care


Specially Designed for Daily Tattoo Aftercare


Reduces Sensitivity to Pain in Just 2 Minutes


Extremely Sticky Tattoo Transferring Gel for All Skin Types

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Yumain Tattoo Care provides a big range of quality natural and organic 100% USDA certified tattoo care product line.

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Yumain Product Features

Certified Organic

Certificated organic Is a certification process for producers of organic skincare and other organic products.


The natural potency of plant-based ingredients, minimize the risk of reactions to chemical substances.


Using natural ingredients that contain vitamins and antioxidants, give the skin nutrients to enhance the healing ability.

Antibacterial Formula

Consists of ingredients that have antibacterial properties to deal with minor skin infections.

Essential Oils

With their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and soothing properties, essential oils are used for a variety of skin care issues. Oils can help damaged, dry, oily skin.

Paraben Free

Our product prides itself on being entirely free from parabens, ensuring that no harmful chemicals are included in its meticulously crafted formula.


It is the process of tattooed skin by which old, dead skin cells on the surface of the skin are replaced by younger, fresher skin cells underneath.

Not Tested On Animals

Our products are proudly cruelty-free, guaranteeing that no animals were harmed in the making of these skincare products and reflecting our commitment to ethical and compassionate beauty.