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911 Derm Roll

Protect and Heal Your Tattoos Fast

5.90 in 32.81 ft (15 cm x 10 m)

(18 customer reviews)


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  • Stretchable and flexible so you can place it anywhere on your body
  • Hypoallergenic, which means you can also use it on sensitive skin
  • Stays on the wound for several days without causing a problem
  • Locks in your body’s natural healing enzymes and fluids
  • Provides healing environment to your tattoo wound
  • Creates an anti-bacterial barrier
  • Light to wear

911 Derm Roll Film can play a significant role in the initial tattoo healing phases. This unique film acts as a barrier between germs, bacteria, and your skin. At the same time, its breathable promoting circulation of oxygen to promote faster healing.

After getting a tattoo, clean it properly and wait 10 minutes for it to dry. Before applying the film pad, clean your tattoo correctly one more time and wait for it to dry. Film pad can stay on for 24 hours (it can be removed after 4-6 hours in case of side effects such as: dirty liquids build up, when the film slips out of place). It is recommended to remove the film pad under running lukewarm water, pealing it from corners. When replacing the film pad, make sure that tattoo is cleaned properly and dry. For better results we recommend to use Yumain foam cleanser. After applying new film pad, keep it on for 5 to 6 days

In case of a large tattoo, you can cover whole tattoo with small pieces of film pad, film pad has square markings for easier cutting.

Always store Yumain products in a cool and dry place. Do not use film pad in case of allergic skin or allergic reaction to glue like products.

18 reviews for 911 Derm Roll

  1. Emily F

    It performs exactly as it should.

  2. tattoo

    works great

  3. Mitch

    If you’re a tattoo enthusiast, this is a must-have. It keeps your tattoo clean, prevents itching, and reveals a beautiful piece of art when removed… assuming it was there in the first place.

  4. Foster

    This is our go-to product in our tattoo shop. It’s a fantastic product and it stands up well to our needs.

  5. Sophia Martin

    I’d recommend changing it out daily until the tattoo stops oozing; after that, you’re good to go.

  6. Zoe Wright

    My tattoo artist suggested this, and I’m thrilled with the results. It works like a charm.

  7. Noemi

    Great product!

  8. Owen Parker

    I rely on this product for my new tattoos, and it never disappoints.

  9. Dave

    I applied this to my third tattoo, and I’ll never get ink without it again. It halved the healing time, and there was hardly any scabbing or shedding.

  10. Isaac

    An excellent product. This is what my tattoo artist recommends and uses, and I have no complaints. The only thing to note is that if you sweat excessively, the bandage may loosen if sweat seeps beneath it. Aside from that, it excels in keeping the tattoo dry.

  11. Ava Turner

    I used this product for the first time after getting a new tattoo, and I love that I can cut the sheet to fit the tattoo’s size. It’s also much easier to remove than some of the other products I’ve tried.

  12. Mia A

    This is fantastic for fresh tattoos. It maintains the area’s cleanliness and dryness, performs effectively in the shower and pool without any concerns. It’s nearly transparent, making it feel as if you’re not wearing a bandage at all. Application and removal are both effortless, without pain or residue. In my opinion, it’s the finest bandage on the market!

  13. Oliver

    I’m a big fan of this product and have incorporated it into the aftercare of my last two tattoos.

  14. Walker

    I adore how my tattoos heal with the assistance of this product.

  15. mark


  16. W. Brooks

    It performs splendidly. Adheres securely. However, the roll option can be a tad frustrating because it tends to curl up when you’re applying it.

  17. Emma T.

    It is my holy grail after getting a new tattoo! It expedites the healing process, maintains cleanliness, safeguards your tattoo from unwanted leakage, and helps to prevent it from bleeding onto clothing. When I use this product, my tattoos heal remarkably fast and remain itch-free throughout the process. Whether it’s a large or small tattoo, it works wonders. If you’re planning to get a tattoo soon, get some Saniderm in advance, and you’ll breeze through the healing process.

  18. Big package

    Product is good but package is too big for me. I used only 1/10 of it for my tattoo and I don’t need the rest of it

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