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Terms & conditions

Kindly read all the terms and conditions mentioned here carefully, as these will act as binding on the users of the website along with its services.


We request you to go through the ‘Terms and Conditions of this website as stated here located at, including its mobile-optimized site and sub-domains, as they’ve been set out herein.

Yumaincare operates this website having a company registration number: 2429279 and address: 9S101 Lake Dr. Willowbrook, IL 60527 (also referred to as ‘we,’ ‘us,’ ‘our’ or ‘company’ in the terms and conditions). Any guidelines, policies including Privacy Policy, ancillary terms, and other relevant information and documents available through the website as integrated herein and updated from time to time should be deemed a vital part of overall ‘terms and conditions.

This ‘Terms and Conditions’ document sets forth a lawfully binding agreement that exists between our company and you as a user of this website (referred to as ‘your,’ ‘user’ or ‘you’).

Use this website or the services on some organization, company, or entity’s behalf. You should notify your authorized representation that subscribing to the company’s behalf has the authority to bind such company to our Terms and Conditions. In this case, ‘you’ refers to the organization you are representing.

By accessing this website, its services and using them in any way as laid down in these terms and conditions, including but is not limited to your browsing, visiting the website or contribution of content or any other materials, you consent to have a legal binding to our terms and conditions. This also includes any other conditions related to our actual services and products that we sell on this website.

These terms and conditions and any licenses and rights that you’re granted here may not be assigned or transferrable by you. But the website may assign them without any restriction. Any attempts of violation for assignment or transfer hereof will be void or null.

Terms acceptance

  • Whenever you access, browse, use or submit any material or content on this website which includes the hyperlinks or contained web pages therein are controlled and owned by this website and services. And you agree that you bind by these terms and conditions as we may amend them from time to time, providing you without or with prior notification.
  • This website has the sole right to discontinue or make changes permanently or temporarily anytime without notifying. You agree that this website and its services or any third parties are not liable for any modifications, discontinuance, or suspension of this website and its services.
  • Additionally, there is likely to be information present in the website services or on the website that has inaccuracies, any typographical errors or omissions that might be related to the description of services, availability, pricing, and any other information. We, as website managers, reserve the right to make corrections to omissions or inaccuracies and make changes or update information on the website without prior notification at any time.
  • Whenever you submit, upload and/or register your account on the website or use any of its services, we deem that you agree and understand our Terms and Conditions.


Our terms of service

The Yumaincare website sells tattoo care products to direct clients, resellers, and other businesses. We aim to provide clients who have a tattoo on any part(s) of their bodies provide guidance for proper aftercare via its blog and offer a range of effective tattoo aftercare products. The information we provide ranges from the process of tattooing to healing and tattoo maintenance. The website intends to guide tattoo artists and users on achieving the perfect results by using various tattoo care products. We also use this website to sell our range of tattoo care products to suppliers and tattoo studios globally (referenced herein as ‘services’).

Liability limitations


Availability of services

This website uses reasonable commercial efforts to stay up and operational 24/7 provided; however, there may be unscheduled and scheduled maintenance of the website as required from time to time. This may impact the website’s availability.

Registering account and membership

  • To use all or some of the website services and functionalities provided on the website, you need to register your account with us. You should complete your registration form and provide some of your personal information as outlined in the Privacy Policy.
  • Once we verify your details, we may accept applications for your account registration.
  • You warrant, covenant and represent that:
  • You have the authority and power to agree to all these terms and conditions to grant authorization or any license for performing your obligations as mentioned hereunder.
  • You undertake that you’ll be using the website and its services only for your personal purposes
  • You provide your personal address while registering on the website
  • You shouldn’t permit anyone else to access and use your registered account on this website
  • You should immediately notify us in writing if you observe any unauthorized access to your account.
  • You shouldn’t be using the account of someone else to visit this website unless you get that individual’s permission in writing.

Username/ids and passwords

  • If you have registered your account on the website, you’ll be requested to select your username and password. You should not use misleading user ID and it should comply with the rules of content as set out within this Terms and Conditions document.
  • You shouldn’t be using your username or account impersonating some other individual.
  • Confidentiality of your account, username, and password is your responsibility, and you’ll also be responsible for the uses of your account through your account or log in, whether you authorize or not. You also agree that you’ll notify us instantly if you observe any unauthorized use of your account or registration.
  • If you believe that your registered account is not secure anymore due to any reason, you should email us immediately at:
  • You’re responsible for all your account activities, content, and failure to secure your username and password confidentiality. You are liable for the losses or damages that may arise due to such a type of failure.
  • Data registration and collecting any other personal data from you is subject to Privacy Policy terms.

Account termination and use discontinuation

  • If you involve in a violation of these terms and conditions or any other prohibited conduct, we have the right to terminate the permission of using this website.
  • You agree that our company reserves the right to revoke your website access or suspend it and any of the accounts you have on our website, any time without or with prior notice.
  • We have no liability under any circumstances on changes or suspension of the account or services or your access to this website. You can terminate your registered account with us by emailing us at:

Consent through electronic signature

  • You consent that legally your electronic signature has equivalent placing as your written signature that you do on this agreement. This indicates that you agree to do business with our website electronically.
  • By clicking the website’s relevant button, we deem that you have electronically accepted these terms and conditions by providing your electronic signatures. These are effective from the date you first signed and accepted the terms.

Electronic communication delivery

  • You agree that we can send you electronic communications from this website which may include but is not limited to current, future, or any other notices, disclosures that different regulations and laws might need, and any other documents, data, statements, records, and other communication forms related the relationship you have with this website.
  • You agree that the electronic files, documents, information, and records that you provide through your account you have with this website are proper notice and reasonable for any lawful and regulatory purposes. And you also agree that this type of electronic form satisfies the requirements fully that we can provide you with any form of electronic communications in written form or any other format that you can keep.
  • This website has the right to ask you to provide written signatures in black and white any time on a hard copy of documents from the relevant parties.

Responsibility of user

  • All transactions are the sole responsibility of the users that they conduct as a result of using or via this website and its services.
  • You consent to that local, federal and state regulations and laws govern your use of this website or/ and website services that are provided on the website.
  • You also consent:
  • You’ll not access this website or its services by using any third-party account registration without getting the written consent of the related account holder.
  • You’ll not be using this website for any unlawful purposes
  • You won’t commit any infringements acts on this website or in relation to the content available on the website
  • You won’t copy the website content for print or online republication
  • You’ll not develop any blog entries or reviews with any wrong intent or for a purpose that does not hold good faith in relation to the website’s spirit or purpose
  • You’ll not attempt to use this website to have unauthorized access to various other computer systems
  • You’ll not interfere with others use or enjoyment of this website
  • You’ll not transmit or upload harmful viruses or other damaging or disruptive files
  • You’ll not use the website to interfere, harm, disrupt or violate the web site’s security, any of its services, system restorations, passwords, accounts, networks, or servers accessible via this website or connected to it, linked or affiliate sites
  • You’ll not be using the website in any case for illegal, harmful, or fraudulent activities or purposes
  • You’ll not use this website for storing, copying, posting, sending, transmitting, distributing, or publishing any harmful material such as spyware, worm, rootkit, Trojan horse, or any other form of malicious software
  • You’ll not conduct any automated or systematic activities related to the collection of data (including data mining, extraction, scrapping and data harvesting without exception) in relation to or on this website without taking the website owner’s consent in writing
  • You’ll not otherwise interact or access the website with the use of spider, robots, or any other automated sources
  • You’ll not violate any directives as provided in the website’s robot.txt file
  • You’ll not use the data of the website that you may collect from it for any indirect or direct marketing activities such as telemarketing, email marketing, SMS marketing and direct mailing
  • You’ll not be infringing these terms and conditions or encourage, allow others to do so
  • You shouldn’t be involved in plagiarizing or infringing third- party’s intellectual property rights or rights of privacy
  • You’ll not disturb the services regular flow that is provided on this website
  • You’ll not develop any link from the website to any other document or website without taking prior written permission of the company
  • You’ll not edit or obscure any trademarks, copyrights, or other notices of propriety rights or marks that are present on the website
  • You’ll not make copies of the website’s derivative work or any of its parts thereof
  • You’ll not decompile, reverse engineer or extract the source of the website
  • You’ll not make, remit or cause delivery of unsolicited marketing messages or advertisements, spam emails, or various other kinds of chain letters
  • You’ll not collect, transfer, receive or disseminate any sort of personal information of any individual without taking written consent of the titleholder
  • And/or not pretend or misrepresent any form of affiliation with a third party or legal entity

Prohibited website uses

In addition to the mention of the clause above, unless approved or explicitly endorsed by the website, the following activities and uses with respect to and of this website and its services are forbidden:

  • Torturous or criminal activities including drug dealing, child pornography, gambling, fraud, obscene material trafficking, stalking, copyright infringement, harassment, spamming or secrets of theft trade
  • Transmission of junk email or chain letters
  • Engagement in website’s automated use or its services
  • Interference with, disruption, or creation of unnecessary burden on the services of website or website or the services or networks linked or connected to that
  • Use of another user’s user name
  • The attempt of impersonating as another person or user
  • Transfer or sell your profile
  • Use any form of information that is acquired from this website or the services of the website to abuse, harm, or harass any other user or person.
  • Decompile, decipher, reverse engineer or disassemble any software of the website or in any form make up a website or website services part
  • Attempt to bypass website or its services measures created to restrict or prevent access to the services of website or website itself or any part of the website or its services
  • Harassment, annoyance, threat, or intimidation of any employee or agent of the website involved in providing users with part or any of the website services
  • Use of the website or any of its services in any way that is inconsistent with any or all applicable regulations and laws.
  • Use of data gathered from the website to contact other people, companies, individuals, or entities
  • Supply expired, inaccurate, false or misleading, or incomplete information via the website.

Also, you agree and acknowledge that provisions mentioned above infringement can result in instant termination of your website access and your use of website services without any reimbursement, refund, or any other form of a credit on our side. We may terminate your use and access to our website without the company’s liability or prior notification.

  • You also warrant and represent to our company that you reserve the title, interest and right to any and/or all of the content that you may upload, post or disseminate otherwise via this website.
  • You agree hereby that you provide our company with all essential materials, information and approval while providing all required cooperation and assistance necessary to our service.

Websites of third-party

The third-party website is the hyperlinks to third parties operated and owned websites; such type of hyperlinks should not be considered recommendations. We may make available or advertise third-party services and/or products through our website. All representations regarding the third party’s products and services are governed by the representations, terms and conditions and policies which these third parties provide. Our website is not responsible or liable for any of your interactions or dealings in any way with the third-party sites.

  • The website management has no control over the content and websites of third parties and accepts no liability or responsibility whatsoever for any damage or loss that may arise as a result of your use of third-party websites and their services.
  • The website is likely to have third-parties website links. The external links from or to our website don’t exhibit our endorsement of, recommendations, or affiliation with third-party websites or services, resources, products, or information.
  • Our website has no responsibility for any information, software, or data that third-party websites make available. You have sole responsibility to comply with the third-party website’s terms and conditions.
  • You also acknowledge that our company is not liable for any sort of loss or damage that may arise from your access and use of the third-party software, website, information, or any other data.
  • We don’t review the pricing, fitness, availability, or information always for such products and services use. They’ll not be error-free or necessarily available or serve the purposes you want to use for and you are solely responsible for their use.
  • We don’t give any warranties or make endorsements, whether implied or expressed, regarding any of the third-party websites, their services, or products. Any website that has been linked to our website is governed by its own terms and conditions, privacy policy and legal disclaimers. Ensure that you read those documents on the third-party websites which rule your interaction with their website thereof
  • The website may offer tools through its service enabling you to do information export to third parties, including via the API use or by creating a link of your website account with the third party or its services like Twitter or Facebook. Your use of these tools shows your consent that we can transfer User information and content to the applicable services of a third party. Such third-party services are beyond our control and we do not have any content or information or use of your information or user content responsibility that third parties may use.
  • Our website and services may contain third-party website links which are beyond our control and we have no responsibility for any type of content or information of the websites linked to our website. These links are provided for your convenience only. They do not show our sponsorship, endorsement or affiliation with the third-party linked websites. It is your responsibility to undertake an investigation that you deem necessary before proceeding with any transactions with third-party websites or services.

Rights of third party

  • The contract in the Terms is for your and our benefit and it’s not intended for the benefit of any third party or enforceable by the third party.
  • The third party’s rights exercise under the Terms contract is not subject to any of the third party’s consent.
  • You consent that you’ll not copy, modify, display, transmit, publish, perform creative works derivatives, reproduce, license, gather, transfer, market, re-license, sell, rent, re-engineer, or lease any information that other users publish without the written consent of the original publisher.

Ownership rights

  • All the copyrights, trademarks, trade names, service marks and other propriety and intellectual notices showed on this website are the sole property of or licensed otherwise to our company or its affiliates or licensors whether we acknowledge or not. And propriety and intellectual property rights give them protection globally.
  • The respective holders of title may or may not have affiliation with our company, affiliates, advertisers and partners.
  • No website part is constructed hereof with intent to permit you with any interest in our services or website in part or whole. All materials and content included as Services parts such as graphics, photos, images, lists, forms, texts, guidelines, logos, charts, codes, videos, icons, and any other content on our website are the licensed and property of the company, its licensors, affiliates and/or the pertaining third-party holders of copyrights.
  • You agree and acknowledge that infringement or exploitation of any or all copyrighted content present in the website and its services may cause our affiliates, our company, content providers, or licensors irreparable damage, which law solely may not remediate. Therefore, our company, licensors, content providers, or affiliates may seek Terms breach remedy either through injunctive or equity or any other form of equivalent relief.

Term and termination

  • The term of website use hereof shall start on the following date that arrives first among the mentioned:
  • Your first website access
  • Your access for the first time and/or our service execution
  • The company starts to provide you its services
  • The terms end automatically thereof on the date that comes earlier either your:
  • Suspension, deactivation, deletion, or freezing of the account
  • Termination of access, revocation of access to our services or website
  • Termination of the website Terms or services by the company at its final and sole discretion
  • The date of termination as per notification of the company from time to time
  • Or the decision of the company to make the services or website no longer accessible for use by the users at its final and sole discretion
  • Upon these Terms expiration or your subscription termination to our provided services, you’ll instantly cease your any and all services and website use along with all or any data or information gathered from there


As this website user, you have the liability for your information accuracy that you give us, including but is not limited to your professional and/or personal representation.

Amendments to website, terms and any other policy

  • Our company reserves the sole right to modify, terminate, update, change or discontinue the services, website, terms and policies anytime without prior notice at its final and exclusive discretion.
  • The company may make changes to the functionalities of the website and any fees applicable anytime.
  • We display any modifications to the terms of the website and we may send you a notification via email or website.
  • Kindly refer to that date mentioned above to know about the when our company undertook last effective changes.
  • Our services use by you following the effective update date either by simple use or through a registered account, thereby exhibit your acceptance of the changes thereof.

No Warranty

  • You are solely responsible for using our services and website. You therefore agree and acknowledge that the website and services provided herein are provided on an ‘as-is’ and ‘as-available basis ‘with all faults. It’s your responsibility to make sure that the information or services provided through the website fulfill your particular requirements.
  • Neither our company, its subsidiaries, affiliates, employees, agents and officers give a warranty that this website is free of errors, secure, uninterrupted, or generate any outcomes or any listing, order, purchase, information, checklist, amount, guide and/or content and information will be helpful, measured or/and valid or it’ll generate any specific results or the information that you may obtain thereof is reliable or accurate. No information or advice that the company, its agents, employees, contractors and/or affiliates provide creates any type of guarantee.
  • There is no representation or warranty that we make regarding all such third-party products or services contacted through or on this website. Under no circumstances shall our affiliates or company have liability for such kind of services.
  • Neither our company nor its licensors, affiliates, brands, subsidiaries, owners, nor advertisers provide professional advisory within any industry. The described website results are not common and are likely to vary depending on various factors beyond our company’s control.
  • Your website use or any information or/and content, materials use is ultimately your responsibility and you cannot hold us liable for anything.

Damages disclaimer

  • Under no circumstances or situations, our company holds liability to you or any third party for indirect, direct, consequential, incidental, punitive, or exemplary damages, which includes but is not limited to the following:
  • Business interruption damages, profits loss, data loss, inaccessibility or failure of software or computer, or any other personal losses or damages that may arise due to your use or related to your use or inability of using the website, which includes negligence
  • Website’s intellectual property rights infringement
  • Claims made by any of the third party regarding the entitlement to indemnification or defense with regard to rights assertions, claims, or demands by any rights claimants of the third party.
  • The damage liability limitations mentioned above shall be enforceable irrespective of however awarded or caused, irrespective of liability application theory including warranty, tort or contract, whether it’s passive, imputed or active or any other regulatory approach irrespective of offered service or product that merchant action or inaction offers and even if you’re advised regarding such type of possibility.
  • The extent allowed under the laws that apply to the full extent, our company expressly hereby claims all and any warranties and representations of any type with regard to the website, which include all of any liability related to or arising due to purported information or facts and any information, services or products description presented on this website including warranties of all kinds whether implied, expressed including without any limitation title warranties, accuracy, completeness, merchantability, suitability, non-infringement, reliability or suitability for any specific purpose.


  • You agree that you defend, hold and defend our company, its affiliates, contractors, employees, agents and officers, as well as their respective agents, employees and representatives harmless against and/or from all and any threatened or actual law or equity proceedings, lawsuits, costs, judgments, expenses, losses and liabilities that are caused, result or arise out of:
  • Your conduct
  • Any content use
  • Your terms and policy violations
  • Your third-party rights violations
  • You indemnify that the management and website may not be available at any time for routine maintenance, upgrades, or for any other non-technical or technical purposes.
  • You indemnify the management of this website and website itself for any omissions, deletion, error, defect, delay, interruption in transmission or operations, failure of the communication line, destruction, damage or theft, or damages that result from profits loss, unauthorized published content access, business interruption or data loss.
  • You indemnify hereby this website and the management of this site. You shall not hold them responsible for reverse engineering, theft of copyright, other users’ use of your content on this website.


Promotions and advertisements

We may display advertisements and promotions on this website occasionally from various third-party sources. Accordingly, your understanding or participation in any such third parties promotions other than our company, any conditions, warranties, terms, or representations linked with any such undertakings, exists between you and any such third party solely. Our company does not have any responsibility or liability for any damage or loss of any kind incurred due to any sort of dealings or resulting from the third party advertiser’s presence on our website.

No transfer or assignment of terms

You cannot transfer or assign these terms under law operations or otherwise without taking prior consent in writing. Any rights that we do not grant herein expressly are reserved thereby. We solely reserve the right to transfer all or some assets of the company in relation to acquisition, merger, sale, or reorganization of assets or in case of bankruptcy anytime.

Moderation of content

Hereby company reserves the right to review all and any content at its final and sole discretion delivered within this website and utilize any technology for monitoring and/or moderators to flag and eliminate any content generated by users or any other content that we deem inappropriate.

Force majeure

Our company shall not be liable for performance failure that is its obligation as herein set forth, whereas any such failure results from a cause not under the control of the company, including but is not limited to power, electronic, technical or internet failure from forces, nature’s acts, or forces, third-parties non-performance and others that are not within our control.

Headings in terms and conditions

The paragraph titles are shown within these Terms and Conditions for your reference convenience and do not impact its interpretation from there.

No waiver of subject matter

The company’s failure to enforce rights as mentioned hereunder should not be considered any of the waivers of the rights with regard to this terms and conditions subject matter.


All demands or legal notices upon or to the company should be done in writing and personally mailed to the company via reliable and certified mail or courier service and shall be sent to the address provided by the parties. You consent that all the emails, notifications, disclosures, agreements and any other form of communications that we may electronically send to you fulfill all the legal requirements of written communication.

No relationship

Company and You are not the agency, partnership, franchise to franchise, joint venture, employer-employee, but independent contractors and these terms do not intend or create any such relationships.


If any of these terms provision is not held enforceable, then it is possible to modify such provisions to reflect the intentions of parties. At the same time, all other provisions mentioned in these terms shall be applicable with full effect and force. Either party’s failure to exercise any of the rights herein provided will not be considered any further rights waiver hereunder.

Contact details

  • If you have any concerns, complaints, or inquiries related to the website or its services, kindly get in touch via email